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The world of online poker has undergone many recent changes. New legislation that has been covertly passed under the safe court act can be difficult to follow. Do you know your rights? The recent ban on online gambling only applies to games of chance, not poker. It has mainly only affected how financial instututions can make transfers and how online gambling can be marketed.

To learn more about the new legislation and your rights The Real Deal Now has everything you need to know to keep up to date and secure.
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Special Access to Online Poker and Poker-related information must be sent to you via email, due to the new legal restrictions on online gambling and the sensitive nature of the information. This info must be kept under wraps so that it does not attract too much attention. We disclose how to Play poker online anywhere in the U.S., and which payment processors are safe, legal, and secure. To learn more about your rights, get some sweet bonuses, and even join your fellow Poker Player's Alliance for Free and fight Poker. To Start playing your favorite games like you've always wanted and never before experienced, enter your email to gain access to our exclusive information, free bonuses, and strategies.

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Our Exlusive Info and access is available strictly via email, due to all the ATTACKS that the game of Poker has undergone lately.

We will tell you how to look for cheaters, how to find out what level of security a place provides for its players, how Deposit Bonuses really work, what we found in the fine print, legalities and much more from our inside connections.

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